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Our Products
We manufacture
  1. Braided Elastic Cords, also known as Bungee Cords, Shock Cords, Elastic Ropes, Strech Cords, etc, in spools of different lengths of various diameter from 1.5mm to 20mm((1/16” to ¾”). More...
  2. Bungee Cord assemblies such as Spring Hooked Cords, Ball bungee, Toggled loops, S Hooked Cords, Other Assembly items as per order etc, More...
  3. Non Elastic Cords which are also known as Rigid Cords, Braided Non Elastic Cords Etc. More...
About us
Am Power Cord Corporation is functioning in Cochin Special Economic Zone, Kerala, India. We are a 100% export oriented unit catering to the needs of our clients in USA, UK, and other European Countries since the year 2000.
Why us.....?
We stick to strict quality standards and adhere to scientific methods to ensure that Quality once approved are maintained on a regular basis for all supplies.
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