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Braided Elastic Cords

Braided Elastic Cords, also known as Bungee Cords , Shock Cords, Elastic Ropes, Strech Cords, etc, in spools of different lengths of various diameter from 1.5mm to 20mm (1/16" to ¾").

These are cords made up with First Quality Heat Resistant Latex Rubber Elastic Thread as inner Core and covered by a braided outer cover of required Yarn , such as Polypropylene (PP), Polyester (PE), Polyethylene (PT), Cotton(CT) and Nylon(NY). Standard Production is Black or White with Black Tracers. Coloured are also available on order. These products are widely used in making Cord Assemblies used in Boating, Canoeing and Kayaking, Fishing, Ball bungee, Other fastening purposes, Packing Industry, Adventurous sports, Trampauline, Tarpaulin and all areas where Braided Elastic Cords are used. Double Braided Cords are also produced. (See Photos)

Bungee Cords Bigger Sizes

Bungee Cords dif sizes & Colours

Bungee Cords in dif Colours

Cotton Double Braided Bungee Cord

Bungee Cords

Bungee Cords in Spools

Bungee Cords in Spools dif colours

Bungee Cords in Spools Polyethylene

Bungee Cords in Spools Polypropylene

Bungee Cords Small dif sizes & Colours

Double Braided Bungee Cord

Poly Ethylene Cords

Shock Cords in spools

Bungee Cord

Sizes & Ranges

Braided Elastics/ Bungee Cords/ Shock cords
  • These products are made using best quality Heat Resistant Latex Rubber Thread, as the inner core.
  • The outer braiding is usually made of poly propylene yarn. The outer braiding can be made from nylon, cotton or polyester yarn as per the customer requirements depending on the end use of the product.
  • Elastic Cord Product Code as per USA standard

    A101 1/16 PE 1000 Black 15
    B101 3/32 PE 1000 Black 9
    C101 1/8 PE 1000 Black 5
    D1 5/32 PP 1000 Black 4
    E3 3/16 PP 500 Black 5
    E301 3/16 PET 500 Black PET 5
    F2 1/4 PP 500 Black 4
    FS401 1/4 CTN 500 Black Double Braided 4
    G2 5/16 PP 500 Black 4
    H2 3/8 PP 300 Black 4
    HS104 3/8 PE 250 Black Double Braided 4
    M2 1/2 PP 100 Black  4
    MS401 1/2 CTN 100 Black Double Braided 4
    N1 5/8 PP 100 Black 4
    P1 3/4 PP 100 Black 4
    Elastic Cord Product Code as per European standard

    A101E 1 PE 300 Black 15
    B101E 2 PE 300 Black 9
    C101E 3 PE 300 Black 5
    D1E 4 PP 300 Black 4
    E3E 5 PP 150 Black 5
    E301E 5 PET 150 Black PET 5
    F2E 6 PP 150 Black 4
    FS401E 6 CTN 150 Black Double Braided 4
    G2E 8 PP 150 Black 4
    H2E 10 PP 100 Black 4
    HS104E 10 PE 100 Black Double Braided 4
    M2E 12 PP 30 Black  4
    MS401E 12 CTN 30 Black Double Braided 4
    N1E 15 PP 30 Black 4
    P1E 15 PP 30 Black 4
  • All products are available in Black, White, White with Black tracers and Other Colors.
  • Innner core- 1st Quaity Heat Resistant Latex Rubber Thread, Black or White Colour.
  • Outer Shell- Yarn of- Polypropylene(PP), Polyester(PE), Nylon(NY), Cotton(CTN) or in Polyethylene(PET) yarn.
  • Double Braided can be manufactured with any specification on request.
  • Put up lengths can be changed on client requirement.
  • Our R&D can develop any special product on request.
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