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Bungee Cord Assemblies

A number of Bungee Cord Assemblies are manufactured in our factory such as Spring Hooked Cords, Ball bungee, Toggled loops, S Hooked Cords , Other Assembly items as per order etc, (See Photos)

“S” Hooked Bungee Cord

Ball Bungee Loop Clamped Size2

Ball Bungee Loop Stapled Size1 & Clamped Size1

Clamped Bungee Cord Rings

Clamped Bungee Cord Rings dif sizes

Cylindrical Spring Hooked Bungee Loop -Black & Nickel

Galvanized Spring Hooked Bungee Cord

Galvanized Spring Hooked Bungee Loop

Plastic Coated Spring Hooked Bungee Cord

Plastic Coated Spring Hooked Bungee Cord

Plastic Hooked Bungee Cord

Plastic Hooked Bungee Cord Size2

Plastic Hooked Loop Size1

Plastic Hooked Bungee Loop Size2

Plastic Hooked Bungee Loop Size3

Plastic Hooked Bungee Cord Size1- with Toggle

Bungee Cord Assemblies

Ball bungee loop

Ball Bungee Loops

Big Double hooked cord


Enamel Cylindrical hooked cord

Moulded hooked cords

Plastic coated spring hooked cord

'S' Hooked cord

Small Double hooked cord

Small Double hooked cord1

Small hooked cord

Stainless Steel Cylindrical hooked cord

T Bar Hooked cord

Assembly items

Ball Bungee

Sizes & Ranges

Braided Elastics/ Bungee Cords/ Shock cords
  • These products are made using best quality Heat Resistant Latex Rubber Thread, as the inner core.
  • The outer braiding is usually made of poly propylene yarn. The outer braiding can be made from nylon, cotton or polyester yarn as per the customer requirements depending on the end use of the product.
  • Assembled Items Product Code as per USA standard
    DIA (inches) COLOUR ITEM  CODE
    3/32 Hairbands BAH101
    1/8 Ball Bungees CA110
    5/32 Ball Bungees DA107
    5/32 Hairbands DAH101
    5/32 Crochet Hooked Loop DA108
    5/32 Loops with Toggle DA109
    3/16 Barbs Sets For Gravity Chair EA301
    3/16 Cylindrical Hooked Loops EA101
    3/16 Plastic Hooked Loop EA102
    1/4 Black Spring Hooked Loop FA2
    1/4 Black S Hooked cord FA4
    1/4 Barbs Sets For Gravity Chair FA301
    5/16 Plastic Hooked Cord GA101
      Flat hairband assorted colors XAH101
    Assembled Items Product Code as per European standard
    2 Hairbands BAH101E
    3 Ball Bungees CA110E
    4 Ball Bungees DA107E
    4 Hairbands DAH101E
    4 Crochet Hooked Loop DA108E
    4 Loops with Toggle DA109E
    5 Barbs Sets For Gravity Chair EA301E
    5 Cylindrical Hooked Loops EA101E
    5 Plastic Hooked Loop EA102E
    6 Black Spring Hooked Loop FA2E
    6 Black S Hooked cord FA4E
    6 Barbs Sets For Gravity Chair FA301E
    8 Plastic Hooked Cord GA101E
      Flat hairband assorted colors XAH101E
  • We also have hardwares like Plastic coated Spring Hooks for all diameter cords, "C" Clamps, etc
  • We also can supply assembled items as per clients request
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